Poly6 is catalyzing a global materials revolution in which energy intensive, toxic and waste producing material chemistries are replaced with new, simple, bio-based, high performing chemistries.


Keith Hearon is the inventor of Citrene™ and is a postdoctoral fellow in Professor Robert Langer’s group at MIT. Keith has 8 patents granted/pending in materials science. 

  • 8 Materials Patents Pending/Issued | Citrene™ Inventor
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Langer Lab, MIT (2014-16)


Matthew graduated from Georgia Tech’s School of Architecture and began his entrepreneurial journey in 2010 by founding a design-build firm in South America.. Matthew has directed business units of over 50 people and annual budgets of up to $300M.

  • Named Georgia Tech's Future Entrepreneur, Class of 2010
  • Generated $630M revenue through real estate growth  (2011-16)