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Global aerospace industry is poised to experience strong growth…

Over the next 20 years, Asian aircrafts intend to triple their fleets and could represent 31% of the total commercial aircraft market by 2036. In addition, between 2013-2017 year-over-year passenger travel growth averaged 6.2% with no indications that this rate will decrease. 

Some key factors for this industry growth are: lower air fares due to increased competition and decreased jet fuel costs, growing economic middle class in large emerging markets combined with consistent interest in leisure travel from developed markets, among others.

"Poly6 is positioned to meet one of the most important demands in the modern aerospace industry" - Mike Hudson, Retired CEO and Chairman, Rolls Royce North America. 

How can Poly6 help with this increasing demand?

We offer a unique set of materials that will help manufacturers address some of the most complicated problems when manufacturing engine blades.


design Precision

We are familiar with how much time manufacturers spend designing complex materials just to get average results when printing. We want to take that burden off of you by delivering materials that will respond to your complex designs. 




Time is an important factor for manufacturers in today's world. We understand you need to deliver on time, so we aim to step in and help keep your manufacturing process going.

We help you to keep up with the growing aerospace demand by providing you with materials that reduce manufacturing cost and time.



Our materials adapt to all sorts of shapes and designs. Manufacturers can build complex jet engine blades to bigger jet pieces for jet engines.